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January 31, 2016 Theme: Called Out of Comfort

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Today’s Response:   ”God’s love is a comfort. God’s love is a challenge.”   Imagine God came to you and gave you some words. Wouldn’t your first response be “I can’t, I ummmm, I don’t do the public-speaking thing!” ? Yep, that’s what I did. And l that’s just what you will hear in the Old Testament scripture today. I have had a Jeremiah moment, Several in fact. Now that I know the feeling, The discomfort of realizing that stepping out in faith is challenging, I don’t argue with it, well, not as much! I certainly did (and do) argue sometimes with the things I know I should ~ even MUST ~ do. Sometimes I wish I could stay in the comfort zone Skipping the challenge altogether – But I know that we need both… So today we respond: God’s love is a comfort. God’s love is a challenge.   One of our hymns today talks of God “Knowing our past defeats.” It’s pretty amazing to me that God keeps giving me more chances. “Hope for the hopeless” … yeah, A million times over. We’ll certainly have all kinds of experiences in our human lives. When I am uncomfortable, stumbling around, defeated, or hopeless, I need the God of comfort – I need to know there are BIG arms wrapped around me… When God asks me for something I think I can’t do and I realize its “of God” – A God-request – I yearn for a rapture blanket – right out of the warming oven – The God of challenge usually comes with some measure of comfort. In fact, when I let God lead I get both comfort and challenge. There’s comfort in knowing God is leading and there’s a challenge to keep up! In order to do God’s work in the world, We’ll certainly have both comfort and challenge. I dare say, we require both to fully understand  our individual response to God’s nudging. Together we respond: God’s love is a comfort. God’s love is a challenge.   When I think about God’s love, I know that I’ve won the lottery – It’s a never-ending source of love coming at me all the time – What I think I’ve learned is that feeling good about my life And my ministries Isn’t about comfort and not really about challenge either – The most important thing ~~~The critical thing ~~~ is the LOVE… Which gives us both!  The challenge and the comfort. We are here to love, which gives us everything we need – Today we respond: God’s love is a comfort. God’s love is a challenge.   Spark Moment:  On behalf of the Lay Leadership Team I had the honor to be the first to review the sparks Found on our blessing tree after last Sunday’s worship service. The first ornament I looked at had 9 numbers on it. I stopped right there and gave thanks to God for leading us to the huge team effort which became Spark Sunday 2016. It is an exciting thing –  For the ministry team leaders to feel the love – To have your support, to know you care enough about what they care about to take action! There’s still time to spark – no smoldering allowed ! The list from last week is back in the bulletin – and we have some more ornaments – Perhaps it just took your spark a while to ignite? — Some people wrote in a new spark! — go ahead, be fearless!!! If you want to talk about a new possibility… We’re here to listen.  ...

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Liturgy 12-6-2015

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Based on today’s scripture reading from Joshua, the call to worship is… “God leads us into the new day!” Joshua 23:1-3, 24: 14-30   We are most alive when we choose; it’s the way God created us.  And the very act of choosing calls us to take ownership of what happens next.   Think about the simple choices that you make in a day… what to wear, what to eat, what activities with which to engage.  Even in the simplest moments these choices give us a chance to own our experiences; to create the day.   Let us ready ourselves to own what we will choose to create in the next 50 years of our church life and say together… “God leads us into the new day!”   Here is the key to making choices— The level of awareness at the point of our choice is everything to quality of what we create.  If we choose out of a reflex, we likely choose what’s closest, easiest, or most convenient. Nothing wrong with choosing the white shirt & black pants, the cold milk & cereal, and to scan the headlines on the front page of the paper that’s conveniently lying on the counter.   But notice how our environment plays a big part in choices that come out of reflex.   Add a little more awareness and we might choose out of our habits, which are environments.  And the best habits are ones that we have created with intention. The fact that we attend church with some regularity is likely a habit that we have created out of an intentional choice to make this place, this faith community, a piece of how we are close to God.   Let us raise our awareness beyond our reflexes and be grateful for our intention to live Christ-centered lives and say together… “God leads us into the new day!”   At this point in our 50-year church history, let us pause and raise our awareness of how we will choose to create the next 50 years.  Let us reaffirm of choice to serve the Lord.  Let us intentionally listen for God’s guidance, and with open-minds and willing hearts, let us own the choice to manifest the Will of God, in this place, for the world, in Christ name and say together…. “God leads us into the new day!”...

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Advent liturgy 11-29-2015

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Today we prepare this place for worship – Today we prepare our hearts to worship – ~ and our souls to survive. We are only at the beginning of Advent, so we are still easily able to settle our minds and bodies. Soon it will become more difficult to sit still. Today we recognize what’s real – We can focus on the main thing  – ~but how long will that last? As we prepare the sanctuary for Advent, Happily sharing our traditions, And the stories of light and health and hope, We have choices to make — Will we blossom, bend or break this year? Let’s keep the main thing – the main thing! As we respond together:  Prepare for Love!   Today we will prepare our hearts. We look for meaning and validation that we “got it right.” We come expecting to be set free – to find hope and peace in this most holy season. Will we find the ever-elusive REST we also need? Will we shine in the dark? We crave relationship – We need each other. Let’s keep the main thing – the main thing! As we respond together:  Prepare for Love!   Today we will prepare to live in the light. Will a single candle be enough light? As we light one candle, then two, then three,  then four – We are given more and more help – Just when we need it – as the holiday season gears up and tries to distract us. We’ll come back here each week and light another candle – Hope, Love, Joy, Peace, … Guiding principles to get us through the night. We have only to say (or sing) “I Want to Walk as a Child of the Light” – As we light the final Christ Candle on Christmas Eve, That’s when we’ll finally fit all the pieces together! Shine in my heart, Lord Jesus!” Help us to keep the main thing – the main thing! As we respond together:  Prepare for...

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Liturgy 11-15-15

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“Our lips are dry. Our stomachs growl.” John 4:6-14, John 6:48-51 Theme: Filling the Hunger! Quenching the thirst!!   We have an entire life style of repeatedly getting our needs met.  Even something basic like having milk to drink, has a repeatable routine that helps us ensure that we satisfy our need for a beverage the kids will drink, that wets our cereal, and that provides for some of the nutrition that our bodies need.    When we run out, we might put it on our shopping list, then search it out in the store, buy it, bring it home and consume it.    Here’s the interesting thing— that no matter what beverage or how much of it we consume, at some point we will become thirsty again!   This is why we need to recognize when…”Our lips are dry. Our stomachs growl.”   Have you seen the commercial that depicts a lifestyle where people only need to have one of something to meet our lifetime need of it?  It makes quite a statement, except for the fact that I can’t remember (or don’t care to remember) what they are advertising.  But it does a lovely job of capturing our imagination about what life would be like to only need one apple to benefit from its nutrients and feel satisfied. Or one spear of asparagus — our daughter Sofia would love that, since asparagus is on her list of least favorite foods.  The one I like the best is when the woman goes to an exercise class and does one sit up and then gets up and walks out of class with the core strength she needs to support her upper body well into her 90’s.   Yet we know this is not our human plight—we will always need to repeat the process of eating when we get hungry again, repeatedly doing the things that help us stay healthy.   This is why we need to recognize when… “Our lips are dry. Our Stomachs growl.”   Go a bit deep than our physical needs and consider our need for meaning. Tabloids, news reels,  & Facebook, can feed our minds with proverbial junk food.  But even resources of substance have a shelf life.  This past week, when scientist found the new planet Kepler-452b, I doubt that their curiosity was completely satisfied.  In fact, it likely spurred on an entire new level of desire to KNOW MORE!  Think of how many scientists will have sleepless nights thinking about their unfinished work instead of feeling complete in their discovery.  But on a more serious note, we know that we live in a world where meaning is missing from our daily diet for purpose.  We are painfully aware of how humanity is so starved for meaning that we will let ourselves be seduced into cheap versions of fulfillment that waste our time, our talent, our opportunity to know our value without question.   This is why we need to recognize when…”Our lips are dry. Our stomachs...

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Liturgy July 26, 2015

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“There is plenty for all” Theme: The Bread of Life: Breaking John 6:1-26   In our culture, we have a habit of paying attention to things that we worry about … We pay attention to our money, our food, our work, transportation, and our health–things that could expire, run out or cease to exist if we don’t pay attention. And when does the worry end? Well, it ends when we have enough…. Or does it?   We are blessed with so many gifts in life that do not run out, that we don’t need to worry about loosing, that when we pay attention to them, enriches our lives.   For instance…   There is always an opportunity to be more aware… In any situation, under any condition, each of us has the ability to raise our awareness and create a richer appreciation for what is.   Try it now…. In this moment pay attention to what IS (not what was, or what might be, but what IS right now). Breath, stillness…. Feel that you are alive, in this place, here together, assured of God’s love.   Praise God for endlessly abundant awareness of what IS And say together, “There is plenty for all”!     There is always an opportunity to be in relationship… In any situation, under any condition, each of us has the ability to engage in some sort of relationship. Just by paying attention, we can engage in relationship with ourselves, with an idea, with nature, with people we know and with people we don’t know, and we can be in relationship with God.   Praise God for the endlessly abundant gift of relationship, And say together, “There is plenty for all”!     In any situation, under any condition, each of us has the ability to make a meaningful contribution. A loving thought, a loving word, and a loving action all instantly contributes to the wellbeing of humanity. Paying attention to choose loving actions creates meaningful living. And that sense of making a contribution is a blessing.   Praise God for the endlessly abundant gift of loving contributions and meaningful living, and say together, “There is plenty for all”!   -Liz...

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Liturgy July 12

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There is an often-asked question among theologians: Does the Bible tell of humanity’s response to God or of God’s response to humanity? The obvious answer is: both. Yet theologians enjoy debating this kind quandary, right up there with how many angels can dance on the head of a pin. Although I went to seminary, and have a Master’s Degree in Divinity, I am not a theologian. I appreciate what theologians do, but I am a pastor through and through. To me, this means that I don’t spend too much time evaluating the nuances of theological specificities. What I love is the story. We come to tell the story. I love your story. I love hearing about how God has worked in your life. I love listening to your stories of faith. Were you born into a Christian family? Did you come to faith at a later age? What drew you to God? To the church? Or what drew you back after a time away? What is your favorite book, or chapter, or verse in the Bible? Where have you met Jesus in your life? What God moments did you experience today? This week? This month? All of these stories, all of your stories, are part of The Story that we share together as a community of faith. We come to tell the story. We are a people of The Story. We learn from the story of Abraham to trust when all seems lost. We learn from the story of David that sometimes the little guy wins. We learn from the story of Nicodemus that it is okay to question Jesus in the dark of night. We learn from the story of Paul that no matter how bad or how plentiful our sins, God can use us. And, most of all, we learn from the story of Jesus that this life is not the end of The Story. There is more to look forward to, that we can’t even begin to imagine. We come to tell the story. Some people look at the pastor, in robe and stole, and imagine that she or he has everything figured out, is the perfect spiritual person, can quote the Bible chapter and verse, and prays twenty four hours a day. Now I know you know that’s not true. We’ve been together long enough for you to see my cracks and foibles.   Just as I hope your faith is sustained by some of the things I share on Sunday mornings, my faith is sustained by your stories.   The Bible is not a book of history. It is a book of living stories of which we get to be apart. Among you I’ve witnessed amazing acts of generosity, gentle acts of kindness, moments of deep despair, feats of courage, seasons of terrible grief, and surprising moments of grace. Among you I know the story lives on. We are people of the story. We are the story. We come to tell the...

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