Weekly Announcements

Rosemary, our Office Administrator, is on vacation July 24-28.  Office coverage will be limited.  Please call before you stop by the church office. 


Church Picnic Sunday, July 23rd 5:30-7:30pm at Veteran’s Park Pavilion, Dorset Park, South Burlington:  Hot dogs will be provided.  Bring a dish to share!  Sign up on the kiosk so we know how many hot dogs to prepare and to let folks know you are coming!


Lake Monster’s Game with Fireworks Saturday, August 19

Ticket Prices: $6.00 – Adults and Children under 12,

$4.00 Seniors and Children under 12

Deadline for Sign Up:  August 1 (Sign-up sheet on kiosk)

See Tim Hess with any questions.


Summer Worship Series:  Family Stories – Bring Family Photos for Altar
Ancient Families, Modern Stories, Sundays June 18 – July 30
We will travel with Abraham, Sarah, Isaac, Rebecka, Jacob, Leah and Rachel, hearing their stories and reflecting on our own stories in light of God’s great promise that they ~ and we ~ shall be a blessing to the world. During this series we will be decorating the church with family photos.  Please bring in your family photos – modern or of past generations – so that together we may see the varieties of families that make up the family of God!


Children’s Table in Sanctuary

For those children who are too old for the nursery, but too young to be expected to sit quietly for an hour, we have set up an activity table in the sanctuary.  Children are not required to be at the table.  They are welcome to play at the table for part or all of worship, as they would like.  There are coloring sheets, books, and games available.  If you have an older child who would like to sit at the table and engage with the younger ones as a helper, that would be great too! We hope this creates a space in which parents can worship and children feel welcome and included.  Children are a blessing to our church and our worship experience, with all the joy and enthusiasm they bring!


Nursery Care Volunteer Needed First Sunday of the Month

Our dedicated Nursery Care Provider, Sharon, takes the first Sunday of the month off so she can attend worship.  If you would like to volunteer to provide nursery coverage on the first Sundays of the month please speak with Pastor Kristabeth.  Volunteers must be at least 18 years old.  Those under 18 may serve as nursery assistants under an adult’s supervision.


Weekday Bible Study

For the past several years we have held a weekday Bible Study during the school year (September –June).  At various times we’ve met weekly or every other week, in the morning or in the afternoon.  In order to determine the best time for the study I’ve created a poll.  Participation in the poll does not obligate you to attend!  Please give your feedback as to what days and times would work best for you if you were to attend a weekday study: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/C5P9SWR

(This study is for those available during the day.  We will continue to have Sunday and evening studies for those who are occupied during the weekdays.) Thanks!


Come join the New Member Conversations!

Come if you are curious –

You might be wondering about our church history or

How does Faith UMC plan for the future?

Who decides what we’ll do next week, next month, next year?

What does membership mean?

How can I become more involved?

What are my spiritual gifts?

Who was John Wesley and why is he important to Methodists?

If you’d like some answers – let Tricia know you are interested by seeing her at church or calling 373-6114 or via email triciavt@myfairpoint.net.