Pastor’s Message

“Beloved, we are God’s children now; what we will be has not yet been revealed.” – John 3:2

Happy Easter!  As we emerge from the Lenten Wilderness and awaken to the colors and smells of spring, we find that we have been changed by our journey, our time apart, and our experiences.  Everything looks the same, but in some very subtle ways, almost everything is different. We see through the eyes of those who have been on an adventure. In some cases, we have gone beyond our comfort zone, but always we have kept our eyes firmly on Christ and the Spirit.

The Lenten journey is not unlike the classic journey of heroes in literature and religion.  Think of Siddhartha who leaves the walls of the palace, Joan of Arc who enters the world of battle to protect her people or Odysseus who sets out for the Trojan War.  Each one leaves a world that they presently find sufficient in order to answer a call. They do not necessarily try to solve a problem. However, during the journey or adventure they learn something about themselves.  There is usually some kind of a wounding, a stretching, and in that injury is something that changes them profoundly. Importantly, here lies the meaning of Jesus’ own wounds.

The hero or heroine returns to where he or she started.  They emerge from the wilderness and come home, but now they “know the place for the first time,” as T.S. Eliot so eloquently states.  We emerge from the wild places, and bring some of the wilderness with us. Our home, our church, is the same place, but very different from the perspective of one who has just emerged from the wilderness.  Perhaps these words from “This is Home” by Switchfoot, help us to capture some of joy of being home again for the first time…

Now I know
Yeah, this is home
I’ve come too far
And I won’t go back
Yeah, this is home

Welcome home and Happy Easter,