Pentecost liturgy 2015

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“The Spirit has come!”

Theme: Pentecost-Spirit for All

Acts 2:1-8, 12-21


It is written that we are made in God’s image; each of us is uniquely gifted, each of us is beautifully created to manifest the glory of God in our very being.


On this Pentecost Sunday, let us recognized that in the coming of the Holy Spirit each one of us is well equipped for service — to heal, to teach, to witness, to lift up, to encourage, to know, to speak, to hear, to welcome in, to make music, to rejoice!


Praise God that we are alive in these gifts acting in the world because…

“The Spirit has come!”



It is the Spirit flowing through us that makes us alive.  Like Ezekiel’s Old Testament vision, what starts out as trickles of water flowing from the temple entrances, our Christian ministry becomes rushing rivers of life for the world.


And like Acts’ New Testament account of rushing winds and the tongues of fire, each of us is a vessel through which the Holy Spirit makes the world whole for the Glory of God.


So let us…


Praise God that the sick are made well because…

“The Spirit has come!”


Praise God that ignorance is replaced by knowledge because…

“The Spirit has come!”


Praise God that the downtrodden are lifted up because…

“The Spirit has come!”


Praise God that broken relationships are reconciled because…

“The Spirit has come!”


Praise God that despair turns to hope because…

“The Spirit has come!”





By Liz Dallas