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“Transform us by your word.”
Theme: Live Faithfully Following Jesus Christ
Psalm 119: 9-16, John 12:20-33

When we read God’s Holy Word, what do we do with it? Is it information that we store along side the endless data collected in our brains? Is it sorted, categorized, and prioritized? And if so, what gives it value so that we will recall it, access it, or make use of it?

The Word of God is a treasure that is best stored in our hearts not our brains. It is rich with meaning and is the very essence of life. It enlightens us to Truth, leads us to action, and manifests God Will in the living of its lessons. So we read the scriptures, the word is proclaimed, and with open hearts and minds we say together…
“Transform us by your word.”

How might we serve if we have not known Jesus?
If Jesus had not fulfilled the Word and walked the earth, serving, healing, reconciling, and upsetting the order of society, how would we know to love by serving others? What would be our frame of reference for how to be in the world or how to be with each other?

Christ is the word and the word is with us — alive, moving, showing us the way in the world. So with open hearts and minds we say together,
“Transform us by your word.”

Without Jesus Christ, who fulfilled the word by sacrificing himself for our sake, how would we know Love? How would we come to know God’s Grace of unconditional love? In all of our humanity, how could we ever right our wrongs, do enough good deeds or deem ourselves worthy before God?

Because Christ fulfilled the Word, showed us how to live the Word, and died for our salvation, we can live. In turn, might we also let the Word live in us –with open hearts and minds we say together,
“Transform us by your word.”

By Liz Dallas