Ministry Circles

Ministry Circles

Meets quarterly for the purpose of planning, coordinating and supporting ministries over all aspects of church life. The Circle Sunday Meetings are facilitated by the Ministry Chair who convenes both the Circle Sundays and the Resource Ministry Meetings (RMM).

Ministries of Inspiration

Ministries of Inspiration are ministries that move us closer to God.  To be inspired is to be led or influenced by God to feel new things or do things in new ways.  Our Ministries of Inspiration seek to offer opportunities to experience God’s presence with all our senses – sound, sight, touch, taste and smell – through worship, one-on-one, through writing and digitally.  Since we believe that God works through us, we can all be instruments of inspiration.

Ministries of Compassion

Ministries of Compassion are ministries that show concern or care for the experiences of others.  The Latin root of the word compassion is “to suffer with.”  Our Ministries of Compassion let others know that they are not alone.  Both people within our church family, and those outside our church family, are in need of compassion.  Jesus did not show partiality in showing compassion and neither do we.  To have compassion is to recognize the needs of other and take action to help.

Ministries of Encouragement

Ministries of Encouragement are ministries that support others in their spiritual growth.  Our Ministries of Encouragement strive to give others confidence and share hope.  Throughout the Bible we are instructed to encourage one another.  Encouraging one another is more than giving a compliment.  When we truly encourage we speak the truth in love as we grow together in Spiritual Gifts.  To encourage is to see, name and nurture that potential in one another.