Encouragement Ministry Circle

The Encouragement Ministry Circle focuses on ministries that support others in their spiritual growth.  Our Ministries of Encouragement strive to give others confidence and share hope.  Throughout the Bible we are instructed to encourage one another.  Encouraging one another is more than giving a compliment.  When we truly encourage we speak the truth in love as we grow together in Spiritual Gifts.  To encourage is to see, name and nurture that potential in one another.

Members currently include:

Encouragement Facilitator – Kim Sargent

Friendship Ministries

Greeters Coordinator

Host Coordinator

(Funeral) Reception Coordinator

Spiritual Development Shepherd

Spiritual Development Team Members

Adult Study Coordinator

FLOCK Coordinator

FLOCK Teachers

Special Activities Coordinator

Leaf-a- Palozza Liaison

Confirmation Coordinator

Men’s Breakfast Coordinator

Women’s Breakfast Coordinator

Youth Ministry Coordinator

Nursery Coordinator

Member Care

Visitation Coordinator

New Member Shepherd

New Member Orientation Coordinator

Visitor Reach-Out Coordinator

Cooperative Christian Ministry (UVM) Liaison

Additional Ministries of Encouragement

At Large Members