Inspiration Ministry Circle

The Inspiration Ministry Circle focuses on ministries that move us closer to God.  To be inspired is to be led or influenced by God to feel new things or do things in new ways.  Our Ministries of Inspiration seek to offer opportunities to experience God’s presence with all our senses – sound, sight, touch, taste and smell – through worship, one-on-one, through writing and digitally.  Since we believe that God works through us, we can all be instruments of inspiration.

Members currently include:

Inspiration Facilitator – Penni Cross

Publicity Ministries

Website Coordinator

Facebook Coordinator

Pines Ministry Shepherd

Pines Ministry Team Members

Adult Library Shepherd

Children’s Library Shepherd

Worship Shepherd

Music Team Coordinator

Bell Choir Director


Acolyte Coordinator

Altar Coordinator

PPT Coordinator

Audio Recorder

Children’s Sermon Coordinator

Scripture Readers Coordinator

Usher Coordinator

Liturgist Coordinator

Communion Coordinator

Worship Theme Coordinator

Children’s Sunday / Christmas Pageant Coordinator

Faith Adventure Series / Speaker Coordinator

Additional Ministries of Inspiration

At Large Members