Resource Ministry Teams

Resource Ministry Teams

Meets quarterly for the purpose of administering the financial, physical, leadership, and staff-related heath of the church. The RMM is also charged with resourcing the Compassion, Encouragement and Inspiration ministries of the Circle Ministry Teams.   The RMM is facilitated by the Ministry Chair, who convenes both the RMM and the Circle Sunday Meetings.

Voting Members of the RMM include the Chair, Secretary, Trustee Representative, Stewardship Representative, Staff Support Representative, Lay Empowerment Representative, Treasurer, Financial Secretary, Lay Leader, UMW President, Young Adult Representative, Youth Representative, At Large Members and one representative of each of the Ministry Teams – Compassion, Encouragement, and Inspiration. The Pastor is an ex-officio member.

Staff Support Team (Workplace Resources)

Our workplace resources include our paid staff

  • Administrative Assistant
  • Musician / Pianist
  • Sexton

Trustees Team (Physical Resources)

Our Trustees include

  • Parsonage Liaison
  • Discovery Preschool Liaison
  •        DragonHeart Liason

Stewardship Team (Financial Resources)

Stewards of our financial resources include

  • Treasurer
  • Assistant treasurer
  • Auditor
  • Financial Secretary
  • Tellers

Lay Empowerment Team (Spiritual Gift Resources)

  • Lay Leader

At Large Members

The New England Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church also makes resources available to us, including

  • Bishop
  • Conference Lay Leader
  • Vermont District Superintendent
  • Vermont District Lay Leader
  • Pastor
  • Retired Pastor(s)