Did you hear?

Jesus is coming!

He’s someone really important!

I heard he’d ride in on a donkey – but I’m hoping it’s a chariot!

We’re having a parade to celebrate!

Our word of the day is Hosanna!

(we’re not allowed to say that other word just yet.)

Want to join in ?               Its magical!

The kids have lots of palms to share –

You can wave them any time you hear feel the Spirit –

and we can respond together:

”Sing and shout Hosanna!”


Palm Parade: OK, kids – bring on the palms.

            Don’t be afraid to sing and shout – The adults just ASKED for it!

”Sing and shout Hosanna!”

Adults you too – sing or shout – take a walking stick and join the parade!


Does everyone who wants a palm have them now?            Good, good.

This is such an exciting day.

It’s right up there in the top ten Jesus days.

At this point, people waiting in the crowd knew about Jesus

They knew about miracles

They had heard about a new way to be –

The other way – the way of compassion.

They were pondering the meaning of his stories

And realizing that everyone mattered to him –

The sick, the sad, the outcast…

And they knew Jesus brought a message of Love everywhere he went.

The people in the crowd wanted a glimpse of glory

– of the new way of being –        Of the master, the One,

There was certainly enough to cause them to respond as we do:

”Sing and shout Hosanna!”


What if there is an “other” way?

What if Jesus brings us an alternative –

No more gaining respect by force or violence.

No more higher class rules, lower class suffers.

What if Love Wins?

What if this guy Jesus really has a vision?

What if what Micah says can rule the world –

“Seek justice, love kindness

and walk humbly with our God.”

Want to be a part of it all??

Respond with me:   ”Sing and shout Hosanna