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April 11, 2018

Faith UMC Update April 11, 2018

Dear Friends in Faith, Native American Ministries Sunday is one of the six United Methodist Special Sundays we observe each year.  As describes, “When you support Native American Ministries Sunday, you equip seminary students who will honor and celebrate Native American culture in their ministries. And you empower congregations that are finding fresh new […]

April 4, 2018

Faith UMC Update April 4, 2018

Dear Friends in Faith, Christ is Risen!  Christ is Risen, Indeed!  Last Sunday we had a wonderful Easter celebration, including a 6:15am Sunrise Service.  Because of the rain, we didn’t actually see the sunrise, but we certainly felt the rising of the Son in our hearts.  And guess what?  The celebration is not over.  Easter […]

March 22, 2018

Faith UMC Update March 22, 2018

Dear Friends in Faith, The Season of Lent is drawing us closer and closer to the cross.  This Sunday we will recall Jesus’ triumphal entry into Jerusalem upon the back of a donkey, as people waved palm branches and shouted, “Hosanna!”  This path of Jesus ultimately leads to the Upper Room where he shared a […]

March 8, 2018

Faith UMC Update March 8, 2018

Dear Friends in Faith, Happy snowy day!  It’s not quite as snowy as we expected, but it reminds us that winter isn’t done with us yet!  The good thing, though, is that March snows don’t last very long.  Soon it will melt and we will enter Mud Season Lent often corresponds with Mud Season, which […]

March 2, 2018

Faith UMC Update March 2, 2018

Dear Friends in Faith, During this Season of Lent our worship series is focused on grace. So far we have explored Grace for our Brokenness and Grace for our Weakness. This Sunday we will consider Grace for Foolishness. While Lent is a season for considering our failings, it is also a season to give thanks […]

February 15, 2018

Faith UMC Update: February 15, 2018

Dear Friends in Faith, Lent is now upon us, the season of reflection and repentance. Often during Lent, Christians give up something (chocolate, coffee) as a way to acknowledge our dependence on God. When we crave the thing we gave up we are to think of God and thank God for all that God has […]

October 5, 2017

Faith UMC Update October 5, 2017

Dear Friends in Faith,   This has been a week of tragedy and tears as we’ve reeled from the violence in Las Vegas.  The enormity of the tragedy is hard to comprehend – dozens killed, hundreds wounded.  We lift our prayers of lament and petition to God who weeps with us.  My faith was buoyed […]

September 21, 2017

Faith UMC Update September 21, 2017

Dear Friends in Faith, It may not feel like it, but tomorrow is the first day of autumn – the season of colorful leaves, warm apple cider and pumpkin everything!  (As I write this I am sitting at Barnes & Noble Café enjoying a pumpkin spice latte.) Even though the days have been warm, signs […]

September 14, 2017

Faith UMC Update September 14, 2017

Dear Friends in Faith, Over the past few weeks we’ve seen the devastation of two massive hurricanes.  We’ve also witnessed the heroism of neighbors and emergency workers, and the generosity of millions who’ve given money to help those who’ve lost so much.  Coming on the heels of the divisive and hateful events in Charlottesville, this […]

August 10, 2017

Faith UMC Update August 10, 2017

Dear Friends in Faith, Another sunny day in Vermont!  Could we get used to this?  I think so!  But even with the warmth of the sun, I’m starting to feel a crispness in the air at night that reminds me autumn is just around the corner.  And with autumn comes the return to school for […]

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